Do You Want To Be the Most Sought After Agent in Your Area? Then You Are in the Right Place!

Learn From America's Favorite YouTube Agent

No more cold calling, begging your sphere for business, and door knocking. Clients will call you! Join this exclusive group of agents that are building businesses and increasing profits with YouTube.

Meet Shaheedah Hill

In a few short years I generated thousands of leads from my one YouTube Channel with No Team! I reached over 100K subscribers and millions of views on YouTube as one of the most successful real estate channels on the platform. Now my goal is to help real estate agents to build their businesses with YouTube. In the Next 12 Months My Goal is to Help 10 Agents in Every State!

YouTube Myths

  • You need to know how to edit - No editing experience necessary

  • You need fancy equipment - I made my first 6 figures using my phone and you can too!

  • You need to be creative - I give you a years worth of content!

Student Testimonial -Jorge

Student Testimonial - Linda

Student Testimonial - Wanda


  • How long can I access the program?

    Program access is for 12 months

  • How often are group meetings

    Once Per Month and Expert Hours are also available during the month

  • What equipment do I need?

    Cell phone, computer, tripod and light source